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Taking Cutting-Edge STEM out of the Labs and onto the streets!
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I am a passionate advocate and successful facilitator of STEM pathways for transforming young lives. As Griffith University's STEM Outreach Manager and a highly visible woman in STEM, I have led roles in impactful regional and state-wide STEM education initiatives on behalf of the multi award-winning Science on the GO! and other key government, community and industry stakeholders.

I work championing STEM for students at all levels by:

• providing pathways, leadership and engagement opportunities for school students,

• facilitating science communication and STEM event training to university students currently studying STEM & Education degrees and

• showcasing academics cutting-edge STEM research to the public.

At its core, my role is about fostering a scientifically literate community, inspiring school students to stay in STEM subjects. This is especially important for young women who are under-represented in STEM, but will need to increase this representation to have equal access to the future STEM-centric workforce.



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